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Generate Cargo documentation automatically and publish it to
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A Jenkins task should be run when a new commit is pushed to rLF master branch with something like:


cargo doc --no-deps
scp -rp target/doc/*

That will push new crate documentation to

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With this pipeline, documentation is generated at*zip*/

If we decompress the archive, documentation is in the archive/target/doc/ folder.

Next step

One of them:

  • Publish to through Jenkinsfile (requires the node and Ysul to be configured with a relevant ssh key)
  • Publish through Jenkins ssh plugin (solution used on the old CI, probably not compatible with pipelines, credentials were in Jenkins)
  • Trigger a Salt task to fetch the artifact archive and publish it
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Jenkins job works.

Job is triggered by H16 on commit. The Herald rule has successfully been triggered by 80ee76e8cdcf and successfully triggered the build 16 on Jenkins.

node('rust') {
    stage('Checkout') {
        git ''

    try {
        stage('Build')  {
            sh 'cargo build'

        stage('Doc') {
            sh 'cargo doc || cargo doc --no-deps'
            sh '''
                cd target/doc
                tar czf ../doc.tar.gz *
    } finally {
         archiveArtifacts artifacts: 'target/doc/**', onlyIfSuccessful: true
         archiveArtifacts artifacts: 'target/doc.tar.gz', onlyIfSuccessful: true
         stage('Publish') {
                failOnError: true,
                publishers: [
                        configName: 'ysul-deploy',
                        verbose: true,
                        transfers: [
                                sourceFiles: 'target/doc.tar.gz',
                                removePrefix: 'target/',
                                remoteDirectory: 'workspace',
                                cleanRemote: true,
                                execCommand: 'tar xzvf workspace/doc.tar.gz -C /var/wwwroot/'
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