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Enrich FANTOIR database with Wikidata information
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Wikidata uses the property P3182 to add FANTOIR code to an entity.

From there, we can get two interesting information:

  • the French label with rich typography
  • the nature (P31 property) of the element, to identify "pseudo-voies" like metro station

How to query Wikidata?

We can query them with the following SPARQL request:

PREFIX bd: <>
PREFIX wikibase: <>
PREFIX wdt: <>

# Streets with FANTOIR code
SELECT DISTINCT ?code_fantoir ?item ?itemLabel ?what
  ?item wdt:P3182 ?code_fantoir .
  ?item wdt:P31 ?what
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "fr". }


  • query Wikidata from our FANTOIR import solution
  • if a Wikidata entity has several values for P31, determine the most relevant one
  • normalize FANTOIR code, as they are imported to Wikidata under several formats.

Example of dataset

As I've currently a small proof of concept, let's query our FANTOIR and Wikidata information:

SELECT f.code_fantoir, item_label, code_nature_voie, libelle_voie
FROM fantoir_wikidata wd JOIN fantoir_202210 f
    on wd.code_fantoir = f.code_fantoir;

This returns this dataset:

Wikidata x FANTOIR.PNG (1×1 px, 256 KB)

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Wikidata uses local files, with codes not always in national FANTOIR schema. Should we use them too?

If so:


  • Change the main fantoir schema to add a source field, 'N' for national, 'L' for local
  • Change the import command to add 'N' on this source field
  • Import after national data the local data in a separate follow-up command before Wikidata enrichment and promotion

The second method would give a better trigram index.

That would help to offer codes for cancelled voies not recorded anymore in the national file.