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Allow to send notifications from the command line
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Problem we want to solve

A script takes some hours to complete. It runs in background. The script caretaker wants to be notified when the script is done.


Provide a notification utility accessible in CLI, so it's as easy as:

python3 broadwayvenues && notifyme "Broadway venues successfully processed."

Then, the utility send a payload to the notification center:

    source: "",
    message: "Broadway venues successfully processed."

The notification center then could:

  • send a notification to a different queue on the broker than for public notifications, so it can be processed by another application
  • send a mail (but notifyme could directly do echo '' | mail -t "Broadway venues successfully processed." user@domail.tld)

Command example

./your-awesome-command --service GitHub --project Nasqueron --group Operations --type commit --text "dereckson committed ..." --link https://...

More information

From who?

  • service: "GitHub",
    • ℹ️ The notification's source service (e.g. GitHub, Phabricator, Jenkins)

For whom?

  • project: "Nasqueron",
    • ℹ️ The notification's target project (e.g. Wikimedia, Nasqueron, Wolfplex)
  • group: "Operations",
    • ℹ️ The notification's target group (e.g. Tasacora, Operations)

WHAT? (optional)

  • type: "commit",
    • ℹ️ The notification's type (e.g. "commits", "task")
  • text: "dereckson committed Revoke unused SSH keys for dereckson",
    • 🚨 Default value: "" (empty string)
    • ℹ️ The notification's text
  • link: "",
    • 🚨 Default value: "" (empty string)
    • ℹ️ The notification's URL, to be used as the main link for widgets / @var string

Event Timeline

Another use is for D372: it would be interesting to report nginx has been restarted and Let's encrypt certificates renewed.

Ideally, that would allow to trigger the production tests.

dereckson raised the priority of this task from Wishlist to High.Aug 23 2016, 14:55
dereckson added a project: User-Dereckson.

Needed at operations level by D372.

[ This task isn't in my immediate radar. ]

inidal updated the task description. (Show Details)

New use case identified for fantoir-datasource pipeline

In T1750, we build a pipeline to import through rDS the FANTOIR database in PostgreSQL.

The pipeline can use this tool to notify a new FANTOIR version has been imported and report issues.