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Deploy Orbeon Forms
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Orbeon is a XForms server to build forms and run form-driven applications.

Tomcat-based, to deploy on Docker PaaS.



Still to do

  • SMTP send
  • See why PDF generation works fine with Tomcat (port 16080) but not with nginx proxy
  • URL security

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dereckson triaged this task as Wishlist priority.May 23 2023, 19:29
dereckson created this task.

DNS record 300 IN CNAME

Can be updated to 86400 when moved to docker-002 (www5).

Current exploration state.

We need an up-to-date image, nasqueron/orbeon.

We'd like to follow but step 3 about web.xml doesn't match current files content (steps 1, 2, 4 are OK).

By the way, we're out of IPv4 to waste for only a domain, but nothing prevents to serve forms. with Tomcat directly in IPv6. for TLS and that's it.