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Dovecot Provisioning
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In this task we will install and configure dovecot

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dovecot-sql.conf.ext SQL queries

PostgreSQL query for password:

password_query = SELECT username as user, password as password, \
        homedir AS userdb_home, maildir AS userdb_mail, \
        concat('*:bytes=', quota) as userdb_quota_rule, uid AS userdb_uid, gid AS userdb_gid \
    FROM mailbox \
    WHERE username = '%Lu' AND active = '1' \
          AND ( access_restriction = 'ALL' OR POSITION( '%Us' IN access_restriction ) > 0 )

The MySQL user query can be used as is:

user_query = SELECT homedir AS home, maildir AS mail, \
        concat('*:bytes=', quota) as quota_rule, uid, gid \
    FROM mailbox WHERE username = '%u'