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Provision a mail server
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Provision a server on Dreadnought hypervisor with the mail server. Could be combined with the DNS server (see T1218).

A similar installation than in T405 is welcome, at working and stable. That would mean a Postfix one.

A qmail installation is frowned upon as the software isn't really maintained anymore (writing that I noticed qmailtoaster last release is well maintained with last CentOS 7 release end September 2018).


We received the following propositions from P27:

  • Ganscerel (shangri-l)
  • Oort
  • Apsile (Ehair) (already taken by a Jenkins PHP node)
  • Hervil (Ehair)

Current state of mail

With T405, mail services were provisioned as a LXC container.

This lxc container is currently available on Dwellers for reference.

Some edited configuration files are already in rOPS in the mailserver/ role:

  • certificates: a script to copy Let's Encrypt files in the LXC container, probably not really interesting, but contains at least the postfix configuration expected paths
  • dkim: DKIM scripts and config set is valuable and works fine (probably a cleanup of the symlinks is welcome)
  • systemd-unit: a unit to add to iptables the rules to forward mail ports, then run container, useful mainly to know useful ports: 25 110 143 465 587

Other configuration files can be extracted from the lxc container directory, /var/lib/lxc/mailserver/rootfs on Dwellers.