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Update Uncle Slovius to FreeBSD 10.2+
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Update Uncle Slovius to permit to install some applications (e.g. rocket)

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dereckson renamed this task from Update ysul to freebsd 10.2 (or 10.3 soon) to Update Uncle Slovius to FreeBSD 10.2+.EditedFeb 13 2016, 20:37
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What new feature of FreeBSD 10.2 is required by Rocket?

We can perhaps install it directly if it's userland-related.

In the rocket chat doc it's noted:


Valid for:

  • FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE

Please use a fresh system without traces of node or npm. Most of my initial problems came from old and/or special versions of node/npm/meteor


To install right now a 10.2 userland with a 10.1 kernel isn't a optimal solution, so I'd suggest to read the "Valid for 10.2-RELEASE" as "Tested under 10.2 and will so be OK under 10.x and a fresh ports tree":

  • The wiki page has been created very recently, so I guess FreeBSD 10.2 is the OS version the page creator has tested
  • A short survol of the release notes doesn't pop any thing pertinent to Node
  • FreeBSD don't freeze ports/packages by system version: the ports tree and the base system are independent in term of release engineering
  • If you wish to get the freshest stuff, you need to use ports system, not packages:

Pro tip. Save the compiled packages.

If you reach to a working fresh installation of Node following this result, I'd suggest to publish them to so (1) you don't need to recompile next time (2) we can suggest to users to download up-to-date packages.

So, @amj finally succeeded to install it.

It seems the procedure is for FreeBSD 10.x, maybe 7/8/9, not for 10.2+.