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Move IRC bots from Freenode to Libera
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Libera Chat has been the current IRC network use by Nasqueron projects since May 2021.

As the decision to stay there is stabilizing, we should move the bots too.

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dereckson triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 13 2022, 16:52
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Libera requires NickServ SASL authentication for Ysul IP range. Going to generate them in Vault under apps/viperserv/libera/nickserv/<bot name>.

A policy will allow eggdrops to read apps/vipserv/* that will allow to migrate credentials out from the registry (a MySQL database with credentials in cleartext).

Works for Daeghrefn and Wearg.

Next: Odderon.

Next: Odderon.

$ sudo -u odderon bash
$ cd /opt/odderon
$ /opt/odderon/bin/darkbot -DEBUG
.: Connected to! [2587268]
OUT: NICK Darkbot
NICK Darkbot
OUT: USER darkbot 1656117385 1656117385 : 1
USER darkbot 1656117385 1656117385 : 1
OUT: PASS :nopass
PASS :nopass

It pings the server, but doesn't print what the server says, and it doesn't really connect.

Let's reproduce connecting directly through netcat:

$ nc 6667
NICK Darkbot
USER darkbot 1656117385 1656117385 : 1

That works correctly for /whois:

00:40:26 [Libera] -!- Darkbot []
00:40:26 [Libera] -!-  ircname  : 1
00:40:26 [Libera] -!-  server   : [Stockholm, SE]
00:40:26 [Libera] -!-  hostname : 2001:470:1f13:896:0:c0de:15:11fe

In IPv4:

$ nc -4 6667
[...] NOTICE Darkbot :*** Notice -- SASL authentication to a NickServ account with a verified email address is required to connect from your current network. Please see for configuration assistance.

SASL authentication is required for Iliad/Online/Scaleway network, but not for Hurricane Electric in IPv6, where it's fine.

Darkbot doesn't include SASL capability, nor IPv6 capability:

.: Connecting to 2001:6b0:78::100:6667
Can't create the connection!
.: Connecting to [2001:6b0:78::100]:6667
Can't create the connection!