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Generate server admin log from #nasqueron-ops
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We should maintain a server admin log somewhere, and for that, collect information from the IRC channel nasqueron-ops.


If a line follows this format, we can add an entry to the server log:

[Instance] message

What others do?

On the wikimedia-operations channel, the format used is:

!log <freeform message>


Instance could be:

Server[Ysul] Restored IPv6 connectivity (broken 13 minutes ago)
Jail[Ysul/mumble] Imported configuration from Ysul /usr/local/etc/murmur.ini
Docker container[Notifications] apt-get update to fix glibc DNS issue

False positivse

We should avoid this plausible false positive:

  • [15:19:53] <Nasqueron/orgz> New repository nasqueron/ports M-b~@~T
  • [1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34]
  • [05-Nov-2015 21:17:17 UTC] [2015-11-05 21:17:17] EXCEPTION: …
  • [ title ]
  • [...]

Some false positives should perhaps be let undetected:

  • [JIRA] [ircbot-plugin] (JENKINS-31534) IRC bot doesn't connect but throw a NullPointerException
  • [ops@dwellers docker-phabricator]$ docker logs loving_meitner

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Current design is prepared in rSERVERSLOGDESIGN.

We should try a feed design with something like:

<div class="log-entry">
    <span class="log-component secondary label">Ysul</span>
    <span class="log-messsage">Upgraded to 10.1-RELEASE-p37</span>
dereckson removed dereckson as the assignee of this task.Mar 8 2018, 21:07

Current status

Logs flow for some years.

Instead of using a Rust microservice with sqlite, we currently use a PHP microservice directly editing a JSON file.

Stabilize the feature

Backup the log

Push the service on Dwellers, the devel Docker, to be free to log issues with production containers.