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Write a charter/bylaws
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Provide a reference document to describe the project structure, goals, commitment.

This is useful even without incorporation to get a consolidated document with our name (Nasqueron), what we are and what our values are (L1), how we decide (by consensus).

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dereckson created this task.Jan 6 2017, 06:40

Draft currently contains:

DateContent added
2017-01-05Name, lack of legal capacity, manifesto
2017-01-08Delegation, representation, explicit continuity of the project when membership changes
dereckson triaged this task as High priority.Jan 31 2017, 23:05

We're going to focus this week on that.

dereckson added subscribers: rama, xcombelle, FRWPKumkum and 2 others.EditedJan 31 2017, 23:25 (fr/en) looks like an efficient minimal structure:

  • Nasqueron isn't incorporated (we'll exist as a de facto entity composed of interested members, assuming their own responsibilities, not as a legal association loi 1901)
  • We can incorporate later if needed (currently it's not, we don't plan irl events and we don't buy things at credit - so members responsibilities aren't engaged)
  • Nasqueron contains special interest groups (a model like CentOS for example)
  • any SIG can take responsibilities for the project as a whole (e.g. operations / servers infrastructure) or can focus on a project (e.g. Tasacora)
  • decisions are taken by consensus
  • there is no formal approach to create a SIG
  • there is a formal approach (get a consensus among all members) to get responsibilities for the SIG (e.g. represent Nasqueron to an external services like Freenode)
  • there is no board

It's flexible, and manages the trust chain for delegation and representation.

Do you agree with them?

dereckson added a comment.EditedFeb 2 2017, 16:48



First, it wants as a disclaimer to remember to not have the capabilities to give a legal opinion, and stresses on the difficulties to see what are the problems we could have in the future.

In such lack of information available context, @rama doesn't have any special opinion on the bylaws and the gouvernance model.


Decisions by consensus model is weak to get some complicated decisions like exclude a member. @dereckson recognizes it's a worthwhile concern and stresses on the code of conduct for that, with a delegation to a SIG to enforce it with the right to exclude the member.


@Sandlayth doesn't see any other issue than the consensus one.

dereckson removed dereckson as the assignee of this task.Mar 8 2018, 21:07