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Create an IRC special interest group
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The IRC special interest group (SIG) will have the following responsibilities:


The SIG takes the following responsibilities:

  • review and prioritize IRC tagged task on DevCentral
  • manage bots configuration
  • organize IRC channels
  • act as a stakeholder for scrum sprints or ops tasks related to IRC
  • represent the project to IRC networks

The SIG subscribes to transparency and accounting principles.

Power of representation

Some IRC networks (like Freenode) asks a contact who can represent the project on an official capacity. To accomplish this, one or several SIG members may receive a power of representation. This power of representation will allow to represent Nasqueron for any IRC-related issue on an official capacity.

Delegation of authority

Nasqueron members delegates to the IRC special interest group the capability to grant the power of representation.

Event Timeline

dereckson triaged this task as High priority.Jan 31 2017, 23:05

We're going to focus this week on that.

@Sandlayth and me are candidates to be the primary contact according

The delegation of authority and power of representation have been documented on the wiki in 2017. I've revoked the Freenode one and issued a Libera Chat one as part of the Freenode -> Libera Chat transition.