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Authored by rama on Apr 11 2015, 12:37.
Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged,
and have 1 and 2 different commits each, respectively.
(use "git pull" to merge the remote branch into yours)
commit 140577964688ef83830c741db411df8396c79639
Author: Rama <>
commit 140577964688ef83830c741db411df8396c79639
Author: Rama <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 00:59:26 2015 +0200
Debug of SvgWheelManager. Chart maps now functionning properly.
commit eb9bf23b5523e8d2a25b72a974af5bf6ea39f258
Author: Rama <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 01:06:19 2015 +0200
First draft for Circle Charts over areas. Plots random numbers,
still quite buggy but it's getting there.
commit 99ff2564f2653f82c0a0f2eac0cb285e8d9153c3
Author: Sébastien Santoro <>
Date: Thu Apr 9 18:22:03 2015 +0000
More UNIX-agnostic, less Linux-centric shebang line
* Using #!/usr/bin/env <command> as Python could be installed at
other places, like /usr/local/bin/python3 on FreeBSD.
* python3 seems the more usual but not universal way to call Python 3.
Test Plan: Tested on FreeBSD 10, CentOS 7 and Debian Jessie.
Reviewers: rama
Projects: #tasacora
Maniphest Tasks: T259
Differential Revision:
commit e5c2d6a8348eca53eab0940932e391595bbd036d
Author: Sébastien Santoro <>
Date: Thu Apr 9 18:19:39 2015 +0000
Added .arcconfig
Reviewers: rama
Maniphest Tasks: T257
Differential Revision:

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